Rcee not only offers the possibility to hire various (design) furniture for exhibitions & events, but Rcee also has a partnership with the company Expo Gamma nv from Belgium. Expo Gamma has been around for over 28 years and is specialized in showcases and counters for hire. They offer a wide variety and large quantities for trade fairs and events. Expo Gamma is therefore unique in the market.

Rcee vitrines en balies
Rcee vitrines en balies
Rcee vitrines en balies

They are nog just a normal rental company, but they design and manufacture all the articles themselves in their own warehouse. So if you ever need a tailormade showcase you can contact them for an offer.
Service, flexibility, 24/7 available, and with a personal contact. These are the core values of Expo Gamma !!!
Expo Gamma has the ambition to grow internationally. They already have been supplying internationally for years, and in 2014 they’ve opened an office/warehouse near Paris (France). Because this has been proven succesfully they are now ready to conquer some other new markets, like The Netherlands and Germany. To realize this goal the’ve selected to work with Rcee as their partner.

Check out the website of Expo Gamma nv.

Expo Gamma België (headoffice)
Vosveld 18
2110 Wijnegem

Expo Gamma France
65/75 avenue Jean Mermoz
93120 La Courneuve (Paris)

Check our website from time to time, because we hope to be able to inform you soon about a fixed location in these countries.