Rcee Frank Sandberg

Frank Sandberg

Rcee is a trade name of SandForce and was formally established on January 1, 2021. The founder of Rcee is Frank Sandberg, who, with his 28 years of experience in the industry, knows how to find his way around in the branche for Live Communication.

In recent years, various entrepreneurs have come into contact with Frank who are all looking for the same thing. Further developing, futher growth, professionalization, internationalization, without giving up their their own identity. They all run into the same issues, regarding investment opportunities, lack of time, the right people with the right DNA. Frank has taken on a pioneering role in this and that is how Rcee’s initiative was born.

Rcee is an organization which will contact (potential) customers to offer a total package of necessary supplies for trade shows, conferences, and events. The partners of Rcee operate independently. So you do business with the individual companies and Rcee, Frank Sandberg, is the binding factor in this.

Have a look on the website, or feel free to contact Frank. With his enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of the market, you will soon be convinced that the step to doing business together will be made quickly.

Hopefully see you soon.
Team Rcee